Sep, 2021

Fonderie Ariotti joins the “A Vaccine for All” program

Through a fundraising, we support the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the developing countries

Spread the Covid-19 vaccine in developing countries, encourage workers and their families to join the vaccination campaign. Fonderie Ariotti has recently joined the “A vaccine for all” initiative – promoted by Confindustria Brescia with Cgil Brescia and Vallecamonica, Cisl and Uil Brescia – to support an international organization operating in the health care sector in the economically more fragile countries of the world.

Fundraising takes place inside the company: for each worker who presents the Green Pass, after completing the vaccination cycle, Fonderie Ariotti will pay € 20.00 to a dedicated fund. The workers themselves will also be able to participate on their own initiative, allocating the salary of 1 hour of work, for which the company will pay, at its expense, a contribution of an equivalent amount; or by giving up to 8 hours of vacation time or absence permits, for which an amount equal to 150% of the value will be paid.

The “A Vaccine for All” initiative allows, in addition, to grant an additional paid leave of 1 hour to each worker, equipped with a Green Pass, who needs to assist a family member in completing the vaccination process.