Environment and Safety

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact and to making ecosustainable products

At Fonderie Ariotti we are very aware of and have the utmost regard for the environment. We promote the progressive reduction of environmental impact, with the goal of going a step further than the restrictions imposed by current regulations IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control).


We are working on several fronts:

  • Company policy;
  • Constant plant upgrading;
  • Waste management (over 90% of foundry waste is recyclable);
  • Personnel training;
  • Team for managing environmental emergencies;
  • Monitoring of the energy indicators of methane, diesel, water and noise, with an analysis aimed at their optimisation.
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In 2019 electrical energy consumption for melting processes was entirely attributable to renewable energy sources.

We are active in the Life Effigeproject, aimed at computing the environmental footprint of a product

Producing while respecting the environment is every entrepreneur’s duty. That is why we have joined the Life Effige pilot project – funded by the European Commission and promoted by Assofond (Italian foundry association) – to try out the application of the PEF method for calculating and reducing the carbon footprint of foundry products. The aim of the Effigeproject, which will end in 2021, is to focus on the production of more sustainable products with characteristics to make them more competitive.

We promote the circular economy by investing in energy saving

The Italian foundry industry is an excellent example of a sector that supports the circular economy. In fact, foundry products are 100% recyclable and with the right investments in heat recovery plants, the energy used to make them can be exploited to the full.

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Circular economy

circular economy

In Fonderie Ariotti recuperiamo il 95% dei materiali necessari a produrre i getti e monitoriamo in continuo tutti i principali indicatori energetici per tenere sotto controllo e migliorare le nostre performance energetiche.

In anni recenti abbiamo investito nell’allestimento di tre impianti fotovoltaici per un totale di 700 kW, pari al 17% della potenza elettrica installata. Questo ci permette di abbattere oltre 350.000 kg di CO2 all’anno.


Nel 2023, Ariotti Fonderie SRL ha installato un nuovo impianto fotovoltaico della potenza di 522,50KkWp.

L’investimento è finalizzato alla riduzione dei consumi energetici e delle emissioni climalteranti, ottenuta mediante l’incremento della copertura del fabbisogno energetico aziendale con la fonte rinnovabile fotovoltaica. L’intervento è stato realizzato con risorse a valere sul Piano di Sviluppo e Coesione di Regione Lombardia.

Abbiamo inoltre installato un impianto di aspirazione di 500.000 NM3 /h e abbiamo dotato di illuminazione a led tutti gli uffici e il reparto di fonderia.
Il calore generato dei forni viene inoltre recuperato per scaldare le nostre sabbie di processo.

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Safety is a value shared by all company levels, from the managers to the foundry workers

It is an integral part of our work, and the first aspect we consider in our company training programmes. Our manufacturing business can only be carried out thanks to the skill and awareness of our personnel, and we focus on them right from the time they are hired, also with individual growth courses.

We seek alternative and effective methods to achieve the result, from classroom training to shadowing on site with expert personnel, right down to theatre-based training. We never cease working as hard as possible to promote initiatives to raise awareness among individuals about safety.

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The use of PPE and compliance with anti Covid-19 preventive measures

In our company, all operations are strictly performed using suitable PPE, modern and specially designed for challenging foundry work..
We pay utmost attention to choosing plants that guarantee the highest possible standards, maintaining them meticulously and adopting strict procedures. We are certified according to standard UNI EN ISO 45001.

During the Covid-19 emergency we implemented all the prevention and safety measures recommended by the authorities, and we learned to work with all the attention to detail, with the rules and with the essential devices to protect our own and our colleagues’ health. Thanks to the collaboration with our representatives for workers’ safety and our supervisors, we succeeded in involving everyone, with new criteria and with an outstanding spirit of adaptation, thus guaranteeing the safety of our personnel.


In this section you can find all our most recent Environment and Safety certifications.

  • Certificate of approval of manufacturers of material
  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 14001
  • UNI EN ISO 45001
  • ISO/IEC 27001
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