Nov, 2019

“Are we really safe?” Theatre-based training to reflect on the importance of safety in the company

The importance of a healthy lifestyle and team work among colleagues.

Body, mind and…training. To guarantee our safety at the workplace we have to be trained and have all the tools to protect ourselves and others. At the latest event on occupational safety – entitled “Are we really safe?” – Fonderie Ariotti workers took the stage to express their viewpoint about the use of helmets, observance of forklift aisles, teamwork, and the right posture to adopt according to one’s job.

The theatre-based and improvisation tools, thanks to our collaboration with Eukinetica and trainer Giovanni Castellani, helped us to physically try out a healthy and attentive lifestyle, to be put into practice also at the workplace.

“Getting everyone involved and making everyone a player in this event was important to go beyond theory and to make the hours of training a chance to improve, to strengthen the sense of belonging and team spirit”, said Paola Schena, responsible for safety in the workplace at Fonderie Ariotti. “Companies have a duty to promote safety in the workplace and to find the most effective ways to convey it.”