Heat treatments

Stress relieving, ferritisation and normalising heat treatments to optimise mechanical characteristics

Our foundry is equipped with a bogie heart furnace with four areas for stress relieving heat treatments, which eliminate the residual stresses naturally present in the castings. The furnace also carries out ferritisation and normalising treatments, to modify the microstructure and therefore the mechanical characteristics of the material.

We work with qualified external suppliers to carry out other kinds of heat treatments, like austempering, hardening and tempering, when the client’s design needs require nodular cast iron with very high mechanical characteristics, achievable with structures such as ausferrite or bainite.

Bogie heart furnace

Measurements: width 3.6m, height 2.6m, depth 5.6m
Treatments: stress relieving annealing, ferritisation annealing, normalising with cooling in still air, forced air, or with spray water.
Maximum temperature: 880°C

foundry ariotti heat treatments 02
foundry ariotti heat treatments 01B