May, 2023

The fourth photovoltaic system has come into operation. Giorgio Ariotti: “We dream of an ever eco-friendly company”

The foundry counts now on 1200kw of installed power, which covers the 10% of the energy needs

The fourth photovoltaic system was recently installed on the roofs of Fonderie Ariotti. The company can now count on a power of around 1200kw, covering about the 10% of the energy needs.

Our commitment to the production of energy from renewable sources began in 2008, when we installed our first solar system on the motorway front, with a power of 108 kw”, explains Giorgio Ariotti. “In the following years, and up until today, we have developed 3 new plants, the last of which, started up a few weeks ago, is the most important, with a power of 522 kW”.

Fonderie Ariotti’s commitment to renewable energy will continue in the coming years: “We will look for new roofs and surfaces to install the panels, with the hope of one day being able to give substance to the dream of melting all our products with solar energy“, goes on Ariotti.

Renewable energies have always been the focus of Fonderie Ariotti’s attention: the industrial sectors in which the foundry specializes include the wind energy sector, for which important components of the transmission components are produced, as well as turbine parts for the hydroelectric sector and for the tidal sector.