May, 2021

The “IoT 4.0” smart foundry: a QR Code to ensure the full traceability of the life cycle of the machined component

Fonderie Ariotti offers customers a new tool to access information on castings in real time

To improve the quality of its Full Buy service, Fonderie Ariotti offers customers the opportunity to access to detailed information on every single component designed, cast, machined and certified in-house in its industrial plant located in Adro (Brescia).

Starting from May, thanks to a QR Code applied to the component, it will be possible to obtain real time information about the life cycle of the casting.

From the model, to the raw casting, to the mechanical processing, the production data accessible via QR Code guarantee the origin of the product, the qualitative certification and the radiometric control of the material, carried out in the foundry to ensure the supply of “radio-free” components (free from radiometric radiation). “We have invested in this tool, made in collaboration with Sintattica, to give to customers the opportunity to quickly and easily obtain all the information they need during the component’s acceptance, testing and assembly phases – explains Giorgio Ariotti – In this way we guarantee the full traceability of our castings. “

“Working for Fonderie Ariotti is always stimulating and rewarding. The long collaboration with this dynamic reality has allowed us, in the past, to bring technological innovation to the foundry sector,” adds Nicola Vezzoli, CEO of Sintattica. “Today, with this solution entirely based on the cloud system, data and information are available in any place and at any time, quickly and easily.”