Mar, 2024

Sustainability report 2022: Fonderie Ariotti’s commitment to a greener future

Sustainability is at the heart of our company policy

The 2022 Sustainability Report was recently drawn up, a document that testifies to Fonderie Ariotti constant commitment towards a greener and more sustainable future. Significant steps have been taken towards achieving environmental, economic and social goals, laying the foundations for a positive and lasting change.

The report highlights the progress achieved in the three fundamental pillars of sustainability.

We have analysed the effects of our operations on the environment, implementing strategies aimed at reducing our ecological footprint and adopting ethical and socially responsible business practices.

“Anyway, we won’t stop here! – states Roberto Ariotti, CEO of Fonderie Ariotti – We look to the future with a renewed commitment towards continuous growth and an increasingly positive impact. Next year, our report will be further enriched with the integration of a materiality analysis. This will allow us to identify the most relevant material issues for our stakeholders so as to align the priorities of the company management with the requests coming from the operational context.”

“Sustainability – continues Roberto Ariotti – goes beyond mere regulatory compliance; it is an active commitment to listening and responding to the needs of our community. Your contribution is therefore fundamental!”

We invite you to read our 2022 Sustainability Report.